Individual Book coaching

Individual Book coaching

Individual Book coaching

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From text to the book in your hands!

6 months of access to a book coach!

Without a book coach, so many great stories never make their way into the world. Stories are what make up every human being, they're our subconscious reasoning for everything we do. The better stories that exist, the better people in our world! With the publishing industry so hard to break into, a good book coach is the motivation everyone needs to write their book! 

It's so important to save time and money by consulting with a professional. I'm a children's and young adult author and critic that has been working in the publishing industry for over 10 years across languages and regions, having helped publish over 40 books. And I'm happy to help you write a great book! 
The publishing industry now is extremely competitive. Publishers want to make sure an author already has some books under their belt and an audience for their writing style. The more you understand the process of becoming a published author, the sooner you can receive direct feedback from your audience and be in a better position to negotiate terms with publishers. And what's more, when you successfully publish your own book, you can keep all of the profit! No more meager percentages! 

Our Services:
Book production, including:
  • Editing, line and developmental
  • Illustration
  • Translation
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Printing

Additional Services:

Marketing, including:

  • FB Author page creation
  • Social media content creation
  • Social media ad creation and digital marketing
  • A platform to sell your book

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