Tarbiyah Academy 2024 Book Fair

Arabic Book A Month is so excited to be hosting a Virtual Book Fair for the Tarbiyah Academy school, based in Elkridge, Maryland. The book fair will be held for 4 days from Tuesday February 20th - Friday February 23rd.

To participate, please refer to the school's communications for the 10% off promo code. This is a private event for the Tarbiyah Academy School members. Upon ordering, all books will be shipped directly to your home.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on some exciting titles for your family. We especially recommend our Ramadan packages!


Ramadan Package 2024! / عرض رمضان

Ramadan Package with Hassoona! / !عرض رمضان


And here are some books that are recommended by your school:

Ages 0-3:

Ages 4-8:

  Ages 9-12: