Our Survey Results: Reading in Arabic to Children

Thank you to the 127 people who took our survey about reading in Arabic to your little ones. As promised, we announced two lucky winners who have won any book they want off our website. Mrs. Esmat and Mrs. Abdelwahab were individually emailed by our team today to claim their prize.

Our survey results were very interesting to our team, so we decided to share it here with you as well! 

The most common answer to the question, "What is the benefit of learning Arabic fluently?" was to be able to confidently communicate in your country's language. A close follow up was to be able to read your religion's holy book (eg. the Quran).

what is the benefit of reading arabic childrens books fluently

When asked how important to you is it for your child to read, it is a great relief that most parent's answered 5 on our scale of 1 - 5!

how importance of reading arabic children

When asked how often do you read in Arabic to your children, the most common answer was a few times a week. This was closely followed by "every day". The next two most common responses were once a week and rarely. It seems that people are either committed or not!

how often do you read books in arabic to your children usa egypt

Our team also found that people in our survey were four times more likely to sign up for a subscription service than not.

interested in a subscription service arabic children's books

The main reason they would not subscribe was due to high prices. The next most likely reason was if the books were of low quality.

what stops you from subscribing high price

At Arabic Book A Month, we are determined to provide you with the best service possible as we fulfill our mission to help your children easily learn Arabic with fun Arabic books. We appreciate your feedback and will work on improving our service accordingly.