Results of our first Writer's Workshop: How to Write a Picturebook!

by Dina Elabd

Our team at Arabic Book A Month is extremely pleased with the results of our first Writer's Workshop: How to Write a Picturebook.

Initially proposing 20 spots for the workshop, these were quickly sold out, so we decided to open 15 more spots. Hence, we had 35 participants split in two workshops: SODIC Sheikh Zayed and KMT Maadi. 

The workshop was led by author Dina Elabd, author Rania Amin, and Arabic language editor Dr. Ali Abdelazim.

Of the 35 writers who attended the workshop, 23 submitted stories. 4 stories were selected by 3 of our 6 publishers. The publishers that participated were:  Dar El Shorouk, Wafaii IHCI, Balsam, Boustany, Aliaa, and Nahdet Misr.  

A big congratulations to our newly published authors and their stories:

  • فريد by Emma Greiche
  • قبعة أورانجو المستحيلة by Basma Jaheen
  • محشي وحشي وعو by Yosra Sultan
  • شادي و الذبادي by Marwa Kasem

For those interested in learning how to write a picturebook, our booklet is available for purchase in EN and AR here.

For those interested in one-on-one book coaching with Dina Elabd, please click here.