Featured in Marhaba!

by Dina Elabd

It was so exciting to be featured in Melanie Magdow's monthly blog post here on Arabic books for little ones. She did a fantastic job of reviewing the current Arabic children's book landscape.

She wrote: 

"In the United States, Dina Elabd is a children’s author who recently spoke to me about a cultural change: “Only in the past two decades has Arabic children’s literature evolved away from didactic, moral-based instruction” (personal communication). Dina has released eight books in English and Arabic...

Her passion for Arabic children’s literature led her to start Arabic Book a Month. Her company helps curate Arabic children’s book collections for schools and libraries, and has connections with authors, providing opportunities for arranging meetings and read-alouds, as well as virtual book fairs. You can view the books and related products for sale on the website. In terms of language variety, these books include Standard Arabic (formal, but with an increasing sensitivity to reaching children), Egyptian Arabic, and Levantine Arabic (see below for more on dialects other than Egyptian). The company warehouse is located in California."

Click the link here to read more!