🌙 Ramadan Package 2021🌙

by Mariam Amin
This year, we wanted to bring more excitement to your families by creating a brand new character named Hassoona. He is a small monkey with a long tail, a chocolate brown color, and big round eyes. How about his personality? He is cute, funny, helpful, and clever.
This Ramadan, Hassoona is our main star as he joins lots of adventures! He lives in a large tree in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt - and on the first day of Ramadan, befriends a little girl named Laila and her entire family.
✅ This Ramadan package comes with:
1. 3 books in traditional Arabic fusha مغامرات رمضان مع حسونة
2. A Hassoona stuffed monkey
3. FREE access to our Ramadan podcast told in colloquial Egyptian Arabic, so you can listen to all of Hassoona's adventures. You can hear our podcast from this link here: https://linktr.ee/arabicbookamonth 
🌙 Ramadan Kareem! 🌙