Select your book subscription preference below. We currently offer Board Books for ages 0-3, Picture Books for ages 4-7, and Pre-Teen Books for ages 8-12. Prices include U.S. shipping and handling. International shipping is added at check out.

1 Board Book

The Board book package sends you one excellently curated Arabic board book. This is a great introduction for your little one to reading Arabic together. Ages 0-3.

2 Board Books

This package of 2 board books gives you a little more material to help familiarize your little one to the Arabic language. Ages 0-3.

3 Board Books

The ultimate board book package, brimming with 3 books! Your little one will learn loads of new words! Ages 0-3.

1 Picture Book

The picture book offers an inspiring and exciting story for your early reader. Let them follow your finger as you read, or encourage them to read themselves! Ages 4-7.

2 Picture Books

This package of 2 picture books will provide more diversity and interest to your child. Encourage them to practice reading aloud! Ages 4-7.

3 Picture Books

The ultimate picture book package: 3 books! Fill your child's room with excellent books and watch them learn! Ages 4-7.

1 Pre-teen Book

The pre-teen book offers an interesting and informative chapter book for the fluent reader. Your child will be surprised with original Arabic stories and exceptional translated titles such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Ages 8-12.

Previous Books

Past packages have included popular books like these:

My Arabic Number Book

The Duck Quacks!!

At the Beach