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Writer's Workshops

Arabic Book A Month offers Writer's Workshops annually and on demand for schools and organizations.

Annual Writer's Workshop:

Our annual Writer's Workshops are open to the public. We walk you through how to write a good children's book, covering the plot diagram, character creation, tension and conflict, climax, and resolution. We also cover how to work with an illustrator, and help you write your story and get it ready to be sent to a publisher. At the end we connect you to local publishers! Our last workshop was a great success and 4 of the books written were selected for publishing!
Dina Elabd writer's workshop
Dina Elabd Writer's Workshop

Schools/ Organizations:

Whether you're a school or an organization, we can help you successfully publish as well. We've worked on projects where up to 20 books for certain audiences are published in one year, including author and illustrator training workshops. These were then distributed to needy communities. Also, at schools we've led workshops for school magazines and books. These have helped students understand how to move from a love of reading and writing to becoming a published author. It is a great way to excite students about writing.